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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

09 RITCHIE'S FABULAE FACILES TRANSLATION - PERSEUS 09 - THE REWARD OF VALOUR with notes and interlinear translation


Perseus postquam ad lítus déscendit, prímum tálária exuit; tum ad rúpem vénit ubi Andromeda vincta erat. Ea autem omnem spem salútis déposuerat, et ubi Perseus adiit, terróre paene exanimáta erat. Ille víncula statim solvit, et puellam patrí reddidit. Cépheus ob hanc rem máximó gaudió adfectus est. Meritam grátiam pró tantó benefició Perseó rettulit; praetereá Andromedam ipsam eí in mátrimónium dedit. Ille libenter hóc dónum accépit et puellam dúxit. Paucós annós cum uxóre suá in eá regióne habitábat, et in mágnó honóre erat apud omnís Aethiopés. Mágnopere tamen mátrem suam rúrsus vidére cupiébat. Tandem igitur cum uxóre suá é régnó Cépheí discessit.

b)Below are some words which have been selected for special attention. For the words not included in this list please refer to the WORDLIST in PAGES TOP RIGHT SIDE BAR.

Vincta erat – ‘was tied up, was bound, was chained’.
Ea - she pronoun. See is, ea, id in ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR NOTES in Pages, top of right side bar.
Salutis - notice that ‘is’ is not a long vowel and is therefore genitive meaning ‘of safety’; compare with ‘omnís’ which has the final ‘is’ accented as a long vowel and indicates that it is the alternative spelling of the accusative plural.
exanimata - used here as a predicate adjective which means it is joined to the subject of the sentence ‘ea’ meaning ‘she’ (Andromeda) by a form of the verb sum and therefore agrees with the subject.
Ille – personal pronoun meaning ‘that man’ or ‘he’. See ille, illa, illud ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR notes, top of right side bar. 
rettulit - 'To give thanks' or 'thank' is usually ‘gratias agere’, ‘gratiam referre’ means 'to show one's gratitude.'
praetereá - adv.conjunction, ‘besides this, besides, moreover’.
Ei - pronoun dative, to him. See is, ea, id in ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR top of right side bar.
duxit - This word came to mean 'marry,' because the bridegroom 'led' his bride in a wedding procession to his own home. It will be seen, therefore, that it can be used only of the man.
Paucos annos - For few years, accusative of duration of time.

c)Note: This section is not translated into idiomatic English but is intended, together with the notes, to give you the gist of the meaning; you can then come up with your own improved translation.

Perseus postquam ad lítus déscendit, Perseus after he had descended on to the shore,
prímum tálária exuit; tum ad rúpem vénitfirst took off his sandals, then he came to the rock
ubi Andromeda vincta erat.where Andromeda was tied up.
Ea autem omnem spem salútis déposuerat,She however had given up all hope of safety
et ubi Perseus adiit, and when Perseus approached,
terróre paene exanimáta erat.she almost fainted with terror.
Ille víncula statim solvit,He released her bonds at once
et puellam patrí reddidit.and returned the girl to her father.
Cépheus ob hanc remCepheus because of this
máximó gaudió adfectus est.was moved with great joy.
Meritam grátiam pró tantó beneficióDeserved gratitude for such great kindness
Perseó rettulit;he showed Perseus
praetereá Andromedam ipsam moreover Andromeda herself
eí in mátrimónium dedit.he gave to him in marriage.
Ille libenter hóc dónum accépitHe gladly accepted this gift
et puellam dúxit.and married the girl.
Paucós annós cum uxóre suáFor a few years with his wife
in eá regióne habitábat,he lived in this region,
et in mágnó honóre erat apud omnís Aethiopés.And he was held in great honour among all the Ethiopians.
Mágnopere tamen mátrem suam rúrsus vidére cupiébat.But he really wanted to see his mother again.
Tandem igitur cum uxóre suáAt length therefore with his wife
é régnó Cépheí discessit.he left the kingdom of Cepheus.

d)This section is for you to copy and compose your own translation.

Perseus postquam ad litus descendit,
primum talaria exuit;
tum ad rupem venit ubi Andromeda vincta erat.
Ea autem omnem spem salutis deposuerat,
et ubi Perseus adiit,
terrore paene exanimata erat.
Ille vincula statim solvit,
et puellam patri reddidit.
Cepheus ob hanc rem maximo gaudio adfectus est.
Meritam gratiam pro tanto beneficio Perseo rettulit;
praeterea Andromedam ipsam
ei in matrimonium dedit.
Ille libenter hoc donum accepit et puellam duxit.
Paucos annos cum uxore sua
in ea regione habitabat,
et in magno honore erat apud omnis Aethiopes.
Magnopere tamen
matrem suam rursus videre cupiebat.
Tandem igitur cum uxore sua e regno Cephei discessit.

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